Moleskine Bring Class To Your iPad & iPhone

If, like me, you have an iPad with the standard Apple cover, the one that looks scrappy within a week of owning it, then you’re always on the lookout for something better. It’s still the best option though in a market flooded with pointless covers that do little else other than actually cover it up, like if you put it in a shopping bag or old t-shirt.

The forthcoming offering from classic notebook maker Moleskine might be the one. It not only keeps your iDevice safe with a suede inner, sturdy leather cover and the trademark elastic band but also includes a real notepad (remember writing?) so you can truly store the informational artefacts of your life in one folio or as the copywriter for Moleskine puts it “They are conceived as analog-digital ultra-portable workstations for the contemporary nomads”. Yes, I want to hurt them too, but why not head over to Amazon to pre-order one instead. It will make you 20% more sophisticated. Fact.

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