Best AI Newsletters for 2024

Deep Learning Weekly acts as a comprehensive news hub for everything connected to deep learning. Stay updated on significant industry advancements, such as emerging technologies, acquisitions, and more.  As the name suggests, this newsletter is dedicated to deep learning technology and geared towards professionals in academia and the corporate sector.

Best for: Professionals in academia and corporate sector

Not for: Non-technical individuals, bite-size readers


A well established curated daily newsletter covering AI, ML (machine learning) and Data Science updates in just 5 minutes. Ideal for tech enthusiasts wanting to stay ahead of the latest stories in tech and AI, without having to spend too much time reading. The stories give reading times which is handy. TLDR AI proves handy for keeping up with the news by delivering brief story summaries from multiple sources, allowing readers to stay current.

Best for: Researchers, tech enthusiasts, business people who want quick access to information 

Not for: Those who want to read original content


Ben’s Bites offers succinct updates from the world of AI, serving as an invaluable resource for both experts and enthusiasts. In just a five-minute read or less, it keeps you abreast of the latest advancements, trends, and discussions.  If you’re in search of a brief overview of all the software and AI integrations launched in the previous week, look no further. Ben’s Bites is precisely that – bite-sized AI information that’s effortlessly consumable. 

With a blend of informative content and a touch of humor, Ben’s Bites aims to deliver AI news, articles, and insights in a user-friendly manner. It takes intricate AI concepts and distills them into easily digestible explanations, making AI-related topics accessible to a broad audience. The newsletter’s mission is to captivate and inform readers, all while providing valuable insights into AI breakthroughs and applications.

Best for: Tech-savvy individuals, entrepreneurs and those with some level of familiarity in the artificial intelligence industry.

Not for: Readers seeking in-depth technical knowledge or a more formal audience


This user-friendly weekly newsletter delves into the ramifications of emerging AI technologies, including topics like fake news, autonomous vehicles and data ownership. Founded by Azeem Azhar, well respected expert on AI and exponential technologies, Exponential View makes for a superb resource and it’s already in my bookmarks. I really like its comprehensive scope addressing critical subjects crucial for humanity’s future and societal well-being at large. His Youtube channel is worth checking out as a useful accompaniment too, and, if you’re still hungry for more, his best selling book ‘Exponential: How Accelerating Technology Is Leaving Us Behind and What to Do About It’ is available on Amazon.

Best for: Analysts, policy-makers, academics and founders

Not for: If you’re looking for a more casual, fun read this might not be for you


Master List AI is just that – a master resource for all things AI. With tools and productivity hacks, this is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking the most advanced and innovative AI-driven tools to supercharge their projects and businesses. Dealing with AI can be confusing and time-consuming, especially with the abundance of available tools. Master List AI have made it their mission to simplify and streamline the process for you.

 They’ve put together a thorough database of over 800 AI tools, spanning various applications like marketing, image creation, video editing, and more. Their aim is to ensure your search for the right AI tool is effortless and enjoyable.’Today’s Top Tools’ offers a nice round-up of favourite releases. 

The super handy category search facility filters tools into topics such as ‘art’, ‘music’, ‘fitness’, ‘spreadsheets’ and lots more. Master List AI gets a big thumbs from me!

Best for: To be fair there’s something for everyone here

Not for: If you’re very new to AI and looking for more of an intro


Not A Bot is a free AI newsletter written by humans, not AI. With a following of over 50,000 subscribers, this newsletter stands out, offering a blend of articles, opinion pieces, and interviews with industry experts. Notably, to reaffirm its credibility, Not A Bot has further solidified its reputation in the AI field by featuring esteemed guests such as Mark Cuban.

Best for: Those who like to hear from industry leaders, business owners and anyone who’s interested in the latest AI news

Not for: Anyone with no interest in AI and anyone who wants something more formal


With a focus specifically on AI alone, this weekly newsletter is dedicated to providing valuable insights and the latest updates in the field, curating content and top stories from around the globe. Authored by a team of experts, this newsletter is a valuable resource for practitioners, enthusiasts, and academics looking to stay current in the rapidly evolving world of AI. 

For anyone interested in staying informed about the latest developments in artificial intelligence, AI Weekly is essential reading. The email provides filtered content, featuring only the most noteworthy news highlights, and valuable insights. This saves the reader from embarking on the search for further information. Their sister newsletter AI Essentials is a great resource for what the most trusted top industry leaders are reading.

Best for: For those with a serious interest in AI looking for a good weekly round-up of the most relevant, latest stories 

Not for: Anyone not seeking information on AI


A great AI newsletter geared towards leveraging your career with great resources to use. From novices to those with a much deeper understanding of AI, there’s something here for everyone. Simple things like the ‘ChatGPT cheat sheet’,  ‘How to Write prompts’ and the ‘AI Job Hunting Guide’ are handy for many of us. And the ‘Ultimate 100 AI Tools’ is must bookmark.  Discover how to use AI to enhance your productivity at work and get a daily digest of the top stories along with practical tools. 

Best for: Both novices to those more familiar with AI looking for AI work hacks

Not for: Readers looking for something more focused – it can be information overload with an abundance of curated content


The Neuron keeps tabs on the latest AI tools and research, so you don’t have to. It’s a daily newsletter with a fun and engaging style similar to Morning Brew, aimed at tech professionals working at leading companies. The combination of its cheeky style and content filled with valuable information makes it a captivating daily read.  

Best for: Tech professionals at leading companies, entrepreneurs or start-ups

Not for: Readers who are new to AI


AI Breakfast offers a comprehensive weekly analysis of the latest AI initiatives, products, practical application and news, delivered to your inbox on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. With over 100,000 readers, AI Breakfast is a must for those wanting to stay in the know with all things AI. The newsletter brings together concepts and actions, showcasing real companies that are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to produce truly remarkable creations.

Best for: indie-hackers, data scientists, researchers, academics, business people

Not for: Bite-sized readers, a non-tech audience


This newsletter keeps you up to date on the latest developments with AI in the music industry. It offers a handpicked compilation of links to the most engaging social media discussions, videos, and articles from the previous week, all centered around AI in the realm of music.

Best for: Music professionals, artists producers or just music lovers

Not for: If you’re not really into music and and just want general AI news stories


AI Disruptor offer to ‘arm solopreneurs with the AI knowledge and tools needed to compete with big players.’ The user-friendly vibe across the site geared towards one-man-band business owners is an instant hit. AI Disruptor aims to make this potent technology more understandable and show solopreneurs and individuals how to harness its potential. There is plenty of content here but for those less technical individuals or business owners new to AI, it’s not overwhelming and really informative. As an aside, the artwork across the content is cool – although it was probably created using AI 😀

Best for: Entrepreneurs / solopreneurs, small business owners, newer users of AI

Not for: CEOs and top-level management heading big corporates