Best Marketing Newsletters to Make You Smarter

If you’re a digital marketer, then you know that staying up-to-date on the latest marketing news and trends is essential to your success. Clients and colleagues alike expect you to be the one who’s on top of it all, and these newsletter will you help you do just that.

Isn’t email a bit… old school?

The first email was sent in 1971, before most digital marketers were even born. And can you guess the content? Nope, it wasn’t about viagra, fake lotteries or even Amazon discounts. The email read ‘QWERTYUIOP’. Yep, pretty profound.

And while there were stories throughout the 2010s about social media and messaging killing off email, it never came to pass, simply because we need a central inbox for boring stuff like receipts, two-factor authentication and the general admin of adult life. Granted, your average 15-year-old isn’t spending much time in their email inbox, but most adults do look at email regularly and the user numbers continue to grow. And so, if you can get a spot there, you’re grabbing a big slice of someone’s attention instead of competing among the noise and chaos of an endless social media or video feed.

What’s in a good newsletter?

With the resurgence of email as a way to receive original writing and digests, we’ve seen a variety of formats emerge. Some send daily, weekly or monthly. They tend to contain a mix of articles, tips, resources, links and other information. By subscribing to newsletters that serve your niche you can very precisely tune into what interests you. Each edition of your average newsletter tends to be crammed with a lot of content as well as links to more stuff.  Newsletters are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry and learn from the best minds in the business.

Anyway… Get your email address ready! 👩‍💻

Here’s our list of the 14 best newsletters to subscribe to in 2023.

Digital Marketing



Social Media Marketing


Digital Marketing

Tl;dr Marketing

Topics: SEO, social media, digital marketing

This daily newsletter is a little gem when it comes to being up-to-date with marketing news whether that’s SEO or social media, this newsletter has you covered. It is presented as a series of mini articles that you can skim through to keep updated. On today’s newsletter, they covered:

  • SEO and wordpress
  • LinkedIn enabling company pages to feature people who use their product
  • Google ads, analytics issue
  • So much more

The Moz Top 10

Topics: SEO and digital marketing

This newsletter, released twice a month offers a curation of the best SEO articles. It also features digital marketing news from that month. See below what we received in our inbox this morning. There were 7 different articles that The Moz is reading as well as ‘Local 3 – Pack’ where they discuss local SEO.


Topics: Landing pages.

Yes, landing pages. They are important to be knowledgeable on if you want to sell, sell, sell. Unbounce not only has a brilliant newsletter with helpful tips and tricks on how to increase conversion rates and so much more but they also have their own product that is a landing page tool that allows people to use it for templates and ultimately create their landing pages for them.

Stacked Marketer

Topics: Digital marketing

Daily newsletter with a quick news flash on what’s there to know in the digital marketing world. Consumed in 7 mins or less as they state, this newsletter will keep you in the loop of any news.

We received out Stacked Marketer newsletter this morning and to give you an idea of what is inside, here is what they spoke about: 

  • Encrypted links and the future of URL tracking
  • Subscriptions and app revenue
  • How to increase your organic traffic with zero-volume keywords
  • So much more.

Work The Funnel by Chantelle Marcelle

Topics: Digital marketing

No fluff newsletter, Chantelle unleashes different marketing case studies showcasing amazingly successful marketing campaigns as well as tactics used within the industry and any relevant news!


Harry’s Marketing Examples

A weekly newsletter with over 107k readers and was voted #1 marketing newsletter. Harry’s Marketing Examples contain:

  • 3 Short examples
  • 2 copywriting tips
  • 1 favourite tweet

This is a fun newsletter that is very quick to go through and provides a tone of value and new knowledge. Here’s two out of his 3 short examples:

Go To Millions by Ari Sadwick

Topics: Growth marketing and copywriting.

Twice weekly newsletter where Ari teaches you how to scale your brand through growth marketing tips and copywriting.

Copy Warfare by Andrew Holland

Topics: Copywriting

The perfect newsletter for no fluff copywriting gold! Andrew provides real examples which are easily applicable as well as strategies, tips, techniques and tactics.


The Weekly SEO

Topics: SEO

This newsletter is the gold of curation as it features the weekly highlights of the SEO world. It contains numerous sources and articles that Andrew (the owner) found interesting which he then shares with his subscribers. In our inbox this week, Andrew treated us to: 

  • Post of the week featuring 11 Google Sheet SEOs should know
  •  Industry news
  • What’s new in tech
  • Case study 
  • And some tools and frameworks to guide you.

SEO Notebook

Topics: SEO, Affiliate marketing.

This is definitely one to check out if you’re always seeing the same content reused and want to learn something new. He hands out weekly SEO secrets that he’s learnt from his own experience or from learning about by a fellow acquaintance. For instance in the recent newsletter we received from SEO Notebook, they spoke about a Chrome Extension that will help you make the most out of Google Trends; A new platform called Verblio that helps scale content production and a couple of other resources and hacks.

Social media marketing


One of the best newsletters for everything social media marketing. If you work in social media then this is definitely one to add to your list as Matt covers strategies, tips and tricks as well as news you need to know about! When you subscribe you also get access to his private Facebook group or Twitter community!

Marketing Max

Topics: Social media marketing

This newsletter is simply pure quality. Max provides tips and tricks as well as social media hacks and industry news. He often features free resources too for his readers to download providing even more value.

The Daily Carnage

Topics: marketing and social media marketing

This daily newsletter showcases amazing case studies for old ads, social media tactics, growth strategies and so much more. You can see below some of the top posts of the week and then they go on to have interactive segments such as a quiz and most of the time a little present whether that is a reduction code, something you can download or anything else. It is definitely worth signing up for if you want a little ray of sunshine in your inbox each day.


There you have it! Our list of amazing newsletters that will help grow your marketing knowledge. And if you’re ever in a funk, in need of some inspiration then these can definitely help! Enjoy 😀

Featured image by Brett Garwood on Unsplash

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