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Latest EE Video: LG G5

A look at LG's new phone, which pairs with accessories to bring high-end features. For Tech Radar and EE.

Snapchat Appeals To Kids For The Same Reasons Myspace Did. But Can It Escape The Same Fate?

Can Snapchat scale, growing ad revenue whilst keeping their users happy?

Avoiding Unexpected Data Roaming Charges Abroad

We’ve read the horror stories about people returning home from their dream holiday to find they’ve spent thousands on data. It’s remarkably easy to incur these charges, depending on your provider. Some UK networks (such as EE) won’t let you use the internet at...

Alfa Genus V2 Headphones Review

Last week I received Rock Jaw Audio’s latest in-ear headphones, the Alfa Genus V2. The follow-up to their Alfa Genus (which I never tried), they sport improved aluminium casing in place of wood, and the cable is now tangle-free thick rubber, in place of...

The Podcast Renaissance Continues: What You Should Be Listening To

It looked for a while that podcasting was on its way out along with the now-discontinued iPod it was named after, but thanks to factors such as Serial, the phenomenally popular podcast which follows Sarah Koenig’s re-examination of a Baltimore murder trial, and the fact that more people are streaming...

Wi-Fi Calling on EE – My Latest Tech Video

My latest video for EE looks at wifi calling, a pretty cool feature allowing you to make calls on your phone wherever you have a wifi signal. Handy for places with bad signal or on the subway etc.

8 Things I Realised After Owning the Apple Watch

The Watch is essentially an iPhone accessoryWhilst you’re made aware that you should only buy this product if you’re an iPhone owner, when you start using it you find that it is essentially a Bluetooth accessory, albeit a very fancy and clever one. It...

Strap In: Smartwatch and Virtual Reality Wars About To Kick Off, Will Either Succeed?

    As this year’s Mobile World Congress draws to a close, the big takeaways from Barcelona’s annual tech-fest are: smartphones have all gotten a little better, again smartwatches are landing in a big way this summer VR is going to be mainstream by Spring 2016 Whilst...

I Took a Month Off Social Media: 7 Things I Found Out

Today I’ve started using social media again after a month-long hiatus. It wasn’t a January detox thing, more just that I got busy writing a book, realised I’d been absent from Twitter, Instagram et al for a while and decided to round it up...

Your Weekly Social Media Diet

    So many social media sites, so little time. This is my plan for keeping on top of it all, and getting more out of your social media life. Weekdays Breakfast - catch up and schedule Get the latest on what’s happening and find shareable content with Digg Reader...