42 Branded Podcasts to Inspire Your Content Marketing

Brands have been creating podcasts for years now, though the latest boom in interest for the audio format is seeing a new wave of companies producing their own podcasts.

It can be one of the most effective forms of content marketing. Your voice in people’s headphones, literally inside their heads. That’s as intimate as your relationship with people is ever going to get. There’s no other digital marketing channel like it.

Here’s a regularly updated list of the best company podcasts worth listening to:

The British gym business talks to notable people in fitness, health and wellbeing to gain unique insights into how to live a better, fitter life.

The ecommerce platform to rule them all has been an exemplary content marketer for years. This podcast from the team is a motivational series aimed at self-starters with big ambitions. Some great advice and inspiration here for budding entrepreneurs.

Hear about trends and developments in the healthcare industry, as the medical and pharma conglomerate delves into the latest innovations in this space.

Short six-part series on how to pitch, fund and run the startup of your dreams hosted by Away co-founder Jen Rubio.

A rotating cast of guests join the host for relaxed, fun, and honest chats about self-image and how we can all be a little more confident.

General Electric were one of the first brands to use the audio drama format in a branded podcast, and did it very well with The Message, and the follow-up LifeAfter.

Season of insightful episodes about business, with high profile host and guests. Daymond John of Shark Tank fame talks to business leaders and shares his own experience of building successful companies.

Project management tool Basecamp present The Distance, a podcast series that features stories of private businesses that have been operating for at least 25 years and the people who got them there.

US manufacturer of office and organising products present this long-running podcast all about… organising! It’s one of those that is surprisingly more interesting than it sounds.

If you work in social media marketing, this podcast is one to add to your app. Latest developments, trends and tips on getting more out of social from a knowledgable team.


We’ve all come across incredible stories and jaw-dropping threads on Reddit, and this podcasts leans on that aspect of the site, delving into the site’s vast and curious ecosystem of online communities.

This topical podcast from Price Waterhouse Cooper covered the impact of Brexit as the story was unfolding. Some of the episodes are still relevant and provide some insight into what may be to come after the UK’s departure from the EU.

This podcast addresses all the good, bad and ugly corners of the world wide web. Brought to you by Firefox, theses guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to internet privacy, technical breaches and how to stay safe online.

Disruptive innovation is the buzzword which describes how all the best in the business are seeking out new and bold opportunities and leading change. Walter Isaacson is a digital revolution expert, he chats with the trailblazers lighting the path for some of the biggest digital disruptions world wide. Listen as he untangles the hard lessons learned along the way.

Each episode from Slack Variety Pack contains an interesting mix of innovation in the workplace, work culture, and our ever changing modern society. If you want to heat about fantastic teams who work in sync while creating positive change in the workplace, this one is for you.

A podcast aimed at helping students, regardless of their background, access information on how they can further their education. Empowering them with the tools and knowledge needed to identify their interests with engaging, topical discussions in each episode.

An inspiring podcast showcasing the everyday bravery and extraordinary achievements of ordinary people. Over six episodes, Laura Jing takes you on a journey of the stories of bravery and overcoming adversity with her guests.

With each episode from Shopify Masters, you will hear from successful entrepreneurs and experts as they share their experiences and practical advice for anybody growing their business online with Shopify. If you’re considering creating a website with Shopify, this may be the podcast for you.

Brought to you by retail giant SuperDrug, The Beauty of it All talks about tips and tricks in the beauty industry with celebrity guests and experts, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at all things beauty.

If fashion, beauty, and all things beautiful and rare excite you, then True Tales of Luxury is a podcast to tickle your senses. Hear the stories behind some of Harrods most desirable products from the four corners of the world from their Editor in Chief, Tiffanie Darke.


Galaxy is proving it’s much more than just a chocolate bar with their Sorry, Not Sorry podcast. This podcast will inspire you to seek inspiration for what brings you pleasure, without feeling guilty for doing so!

Learn about the world of hacking with this podcast from McAfee. In each episode, hear from their team of hackers as they discuss a range of topics which can help shed light on how secure we really are online.

Work in Progress tackles different topics each week, from success to failure and everything that happens in between. If, like many, you suffer from imposter syndrome, or simply need that extra hit of motivation, this is an easy-listening good place to start.

LUYA is a PR, Marketing and Digital agency bringing you all the current affairs in the world of digital marketing. This is an informal podcast that packs a punch with valuable insights from industry experts and entrepreneurs.

It is as important as ever to take a moment for yourself to practise mindfullness. In a  world that never sleeps, 2 Minutes of Zen is a handy companion to keep in your pocket which delivers quick and simple wellness hacks which you can listen to while brushing your teeth.

Get inside the minds of leading fitness professionals. Each week, Matthew Januszek chats to a different industry professional or ‘fitness influencer’ about what motivates them to be leaders in their profession.

Take a step closer to the land you walk on everyday with On Life and Land, from John Deere. These fortnightly episodes look at agricultural stories, delving into history and connections made along the way.

Flipping the Game is a three part series about the first shoe that got women into the sneaker game: the Reebok Freestyle

Listen and learn about how simple ideas can be transformed into change-making business ventures. This podcast features the people behind emerging and pioneering businesses, and gives you an insiders perspective on what its like taking a leap of faith, and more importantly, having it pay off.

This informative podcasts covers the technologies and industries which are set to define the next decade, as well as answering the questions that come with it.

Gatorade brings all the biggest sporting personalities to the table with this podcast. If you have ever wondered what motivates some of the worlds most competitive and successful athletes, this podcast will take you on a journey of wins, losses and how these stars came out on top.

We’ve all wondered what it takes to build a business from the ground up. Open For Business hits the nail on the head, covering topics from hiring to firing as well has discussing how you can define your brand and scoping out investors for your business.

Think of a reality TV show, but project it into the podcasting realm. Squarespace brings this fun, easily digestible podcast featuring people who are pros at audio interviews and non-fiction storytelling. These guests are pitted against each other to be in with the chance of having their pilot turned into a mini-series.

Learn the real-life stories of Lyft drivers as they discuss where they’re coming from, and where they intend to go. This is an uplifting and insightful podcast from those who have had their fair share of interesting encounters in their line of work.

Cathy Erway hosts Why We Eat What We Eat, a podcast that investigates the unconscious influences of our eating habits.

Whether you’re familiar with Tinder or not, it is likely you’ve heard of the weird and wonderful world of online dating. This podcast looks at the unpredictability of dating online as well as being joined by celebrity guests who try out the swiping game for themselves.

This eye-opening podcast will introduce you to the often unknown driving forces behind the change we see in the world. With current topics thoughtfully discussed by the shows hosts, Shannon Murphy and Erin Shea, this podcast is a good outlet for staying informed about our present and future. 

If you’re a marketer, this podcast will help you keep up-to-date with the ever changing trends and strategies, brought to you by the tech giants themselves.

Listen as John Henry talks with various successful leaders of midsize businesses to find out what’s really keeping them up at night as well as getting useful advice and solutions to growing your business.

Proving they are more than just material, New Balance brings Dress Codes, a podcast dedicated to highlighting the moments that made us — and what we were wearing when they happened.

A daily show that gets behind the truth of subscription, keeping you in the know on all things recurring revenue with sophistication & opinion by the Recur Studios team.

Learn the truth and graft behind the strategies of those companies making waves in the world of SaaS. Industry experts cover the topics that matter, such as the importance of stepping away from certain opportunities and how to deal with the highs and lows of having an entrepreneurial work ethic.

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