Brands have been creating podcasts for years now, though the latest boom in interest for the audio format is seeing a new wave of companies producing their own shows.

It can be one of the most effective forms of content marketing. Your voice in people’s headphones, literally inside their heads. That’s as intimate as your relationship with people is ever going to get. There’s no other channel like it.

Here’s a regularly updated list of the branded company podcasts worth listening to:

1The Red Room from Barry’s UK

The British gym business talks to notable people in fitness, health and wellbeing to gain unique insights into how to live a better, fitter life.

2TGIM from Shopify

The ecommerce platform to rule them all has been an exemplary content marketer for years. This podcast from the team is a motivational series aimed at self-starters with big ambitions. Some great advice and inspiration here for budding entrepreneurs.

3J&J Innovation Podcast from Johnson & Johnson

Hear about trends and developments in the healthcare industry, as the medical and pharma conglomerate delves into the latest innovations in this space.

4Jump Start from Uber & Girlboss Radio

Short six-part series on how to pitch, fund and run the startup of your dreams hosted by Away co-founder Jen Rubio.

5#LIPSTORIES from Sephora and Girlboss Radio

A rotating cast of guests join the host for relaxed, fun, and honest chats about self-image and how we can all be a little more confident.

6LifeAfter by GE

General Electric were one of the first brands to use the audio drama format in a branded podcast, and did it very well with The Message, and the follow-up LifeAfter.

7RISE AND GRIND from ZipRecruiter

Season of insightful episodes about business, with high profile host and guests. Daymond John of Shark Tank fame talks to business leaders and shares his own experience of building successful companies.

8The Distance from Basecamp

Project management tool Basecamp present The Distance, a podcast series that features stories of private businesses that have been operating for at least 25 years and the people who got them there.

9Keeping You Organised from Smead Manufacturing

US manufacturer of office and organising products present this long-running podcast all about… organising! It’s one of those that is surprisingly more interesting than it sounds.

10The Science of Social Media from Buffer

If you work in social media marketing, this podcast is one to add to your app. Latest developments, trends and tips on getting more out of social from a knowledgable team.

11Endless Thread from WBUR and Reddit

We’ve all come across incredible stories and jaw-dropping threads on Reddit, and this podcasts leans on that aspect of the site, delving into the site’s vast and curious ecosystem of online communities.

12Beyond Brexit from PwC UK

This topical podcast from Price Waterhouse Cooper covered the impact of Brexit as the story was unfolding. Some of the episodes are still relevant and provide some insight into what may be to come after the UK’s departure from the EU.

13IRL – Online Life Is Real Life from Firefox (Mozilla)

14Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson from Dell

15Slack Variety Pack from Slack

16Upgraded from Hobsons

17Everyday Bravery from Prudential

18Shopify Masters from Shopify

19The Beauty of it All from Superdrug

20True Tales of Luxury from Harrods

21Sorry, Not Sorry from Galaxy

22Hackable? from McAfee

23Work In Progress from Slack

24The Lowdown from Luya

252 Minutes of Zen from Zendium

26Escape Your Limits from Escape Fitness

27On Life and Land from John Deere

28Flipping The Game from Reebok

29The Venture from Virgin Atlantic

30.future from Microsoft

31The Secret to Victory from Gatorade

32Open For Business from eBay

33Casting Call from Squarespace

34Pick Me Up from Lyft

35Why We Eat What We Eat from Blue Apron

36DTR from Tinder

37Invisible Forces from Jefferies

38Think with Google

39Up At Night from WeWork

40Dress Codes from New Balance

41RecurNow from ProfitWell

42Protect the Hustle from ProfitWell

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