E3 Day 2 Photos

This morning saw me actually get out and play some games!! I combed the South Hall which is dominated by Xbox, Ubisoft, Konami and MTV/Harmonix making a total n0000000b of myself pretty much everywhere I went.

Nail'd @ E3
Nail’d on Xbox

I first played Nail’d, a Motorstorm-like dirt-racer only with even more mental landscapes. You weave through canyons, jump trains and dip through caves, kicking up mud, dust and stagnant water as you rip through an impressive landscape. At first the graphics engine seemed less polished than Motorstorm or Pure but as you play you really do become immersed in the unexpected twists and physics-defying jumps. Hit the nitro boost though and everything goes bleached-white and whizzes by, almost certainly ending in you getting, er, nail’d.

Next was a pretty awesome-looking sci-fi action first-person shooter called Vanquish, which you can see a gameplay trailer of here. Certainly as awesome was the life-size game character at the booth…

Vanquish @ E3
Vanquish Life-Size Character

Next was Pac-Man. Yes, the little pill-eating hedonist is still making waves hundreds of years after his first manifestation and is back with the must-have penthouse gadget. Throw the pool table away, this is Pac-Man Battle Royale!!!

Pac-Man Multiplayer @ E3
Pac-Man Battle Royale Table-Top Arcade Awesomeness

More coming as I get it 🙂

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