Copywriting for Digital Marketing: Online Workshop

online, 2 hours

Learn to write great copy for the internet, communicating who you are and driving customer action, in this bespoke workshop for your team or company.

Course Details

Copywriting for Digital Marketing: Online Workshop

2 hours | Online via Zoom

This practical and insightful Zoom workshop will explore the latest techniques and best practice in copywriting for the web - specifically social media, blogs and advertising.

You'll learn how to drive action by using powerful, emotive copy. How to explain complicated or technical details of your products in accessible ways. How to write the perfect headline and produce blogs people actually want to read.

We'll look at how today's leading companies are using words to shape their brand, convey their purpose and motivate people to become customers.

In this workshop, I will help you:
  • Write great copy for social media, email and blogs
  • Create killer headlines
  • Develop a tone of voice for your company
  • Improve your SEO by understanding Google's algorithm
  • Write engaging email newsletters
  • Run online ads that make people want to click
There will be plenty of time for questions throughout and you'll be welcome to email me afterwards with follow-up questions too 😊

👋 I'm Will, your copywriting teacher

Who am I and why should you trust me to teach you?

I've written marketing copy for a million different situations - campaign taglines, email subjects, social ads and everything else imaginable. I constantly test, revise and repeat to learn what works best and for whom. I want to share these learnings with you, and show you how powerful words can be when utilised effectively online.

Aside from my work in advertising my books are published by Prestel, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Having your words appear in print around the world pushes you to new levels of clarity, quality and perfection. They become part of a product, and something that must delight readers for years to come.

Today I run marketing and creative skills courses for the biggest training providers including University College Dublin, The Institute of Data & Marketing and the Digital Marketing Institute. I'm also a regular contributing expert on TalkRadio and Times Radio (UK) where I offer my expertise on the digital technology stories of the day.

Why People Love My Courses

I recently did the Social Media and Content Marketing Course with Will. I found it really useful, and learned a lot over the 2 days. Working in a Digital Marketing Agency, I am constantly trying to up-skill myself, and these courses allowed me to do just that.
Will has been amazing in relation to any follow up questions I have had since completing the course. I would definitely recommend this course!

Joanne Ryan

Digital Marketing Manager, Transpose Digital

Will is great. I attended a one-day workshop with him recently on social media, just to brush up on my skills. The guy knows his stuff. He’s very practical and helpful. No waffle or nonsense. He’s also great at following up and answering any questions. I would have no hesitation in recommending his workshops and consultancy services.

Dan Jensen

Co-Founder, Passion for Creative

Brands I've Trained

Brands I've Created Campaigns For

Master the Art of Marketing

Join me in Waterford City for 3 days of interactive, practical training on the most vital disciplines of modern digital marketing.

I'll be sharing my experience working with the world's top brands on digital campaigns, gained from working in a social network, a global ad agency and building my own successful agency in London.

Whether you join for one, two or all three days, you'll leave with a whole new set of skills and an action plan to take your marketing to the next level.

Why This Course?

  • Learn about the building blocks of good writing
  • Interactive session with a professional writer and author
  • Delivered through Zoom - easily accessible on any device
  • An open, friendly session where no question is a stupid one
  • Flex your own copywriting muscles, in the fun exercises I'll set
  • Post-course support from me as you put your new skills into practice

Why Now?

  • It's harder than ever to get seen online today, so your written content needs be of high quality to stand out
  • The web is changing faster than ever before, and it can feel impossible to keep up. This course will bring you up to speed
  • Whether you're a sole trader or work within a global brand, you could be making the classic mistakes, and I'll help you to avoid those

Why Me?

  • Trained 1000's of marketers from companies great and small
  • Trusted by the biggest academic training providers - DMI, IDM, UCD etc
  • Unique breadth of knowledge, from technical to business strategy
  • I've worked with some of the world's most loved brands, and startups too
  • Regularly appear on TV and radio to share my experience and expertise
  • Deliver complex subject matter in engaging and memorable ways

How It Works

Learn From the Comfort of Your Own Home

This workshop takes place on the popular video conferencing service Zoom. This works on any platform or device, making it easy for everyone to join and get the most out of the session.

There's plenty of time for questions throughout, and you can email me anytime afterwards as you put your new skills into practice.

Access to the materials and worksheets, along with the Zoom webinar link will be sent to you in the emails leading up to the workshop so they're always available for you before and after the session.

Upon completion of the workshop, you'll receive a certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile.

I really feel that I learned lots and enjoyed it thoroughly. Great teacher, great content, big thumbs up!

Deirdre Adams

Waterford Institute of Technology

Copywriting for Digital Marketing: Online Workshop

online, 2 hours

Learn to write great copy for the internet, communicating who you are and driving customer action, in this bespoke workshop for your team or company.