Mobile World Congress 2011 So Far

I’m here at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain for the mobile communications industry’s big annual bash. It’s a time for phone manufacturers, app developers, accessories makers and anyone else who gains in any way from people using mobile phones and computers to show off their latest innovations and forthcoming product launches. It’s also a place for the big personalities in technology, like the CEOs of Google, Twitter and Microsoft et al, to take the stage in front of a key group of people (ie people in suits who make lots of money out of our obsession with mobile).

Yesterday was fun. We attended LG’s press conference where they¬†unveiled the world’s first glasses-free 3D phone and tablet computer. We got plenty of time to try these out and play with the other devices and I even managed to get the first 3D video created with the LG Optimus Pad uploaded to YouTube ūüėČ Out of all the devices the one I genuinely want to own is the Pad. If I didn’t have an Apple iPad already I’d be very tempted by this.

Photography with the LG Optimus Pad

Today (Tuesday) is our second day at the conference and whilst the big announcements at press conferences have blown over, there’s still lots of buzz round the various booths with people playing with the latest handsets and chatting about MOBILE!!

I took the time to play with the two other LG phones (the ones¬†without¬†any 3D stuff going on) and one particularly took my fancy, more so even than the 3D phone – LG’s Optimus 2X. It’s a good solid Android phone and under the hood has a dual processor, dual memory and is basically very fast. Also loved playing it plugged into a HDTV via HDMI for full 1080p games, videos, photos, internet etc as evidenced by my Shrek Kart session below:

I’m here courtesy of LG Mobile – @LGmobileMWC on Twitter – hence my focus up to now on LG’s products. I’m with two other bloggers – @alicam from Melbourne and @mayhemstudios from Los Angeles. I’ll be roving round the other big booths tomorrow and looking at what other companies have up their sleeves so stay tuned at¬†ūüôā

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