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Twitter Unveil Native Photo-Sharing Feature

Twitter will soon be adding the ability to add a photo to a tweet without having to use third-party services such as popular options TwitPic and yfrog. They’ve partnered with former Myspace favourite Photobucket to offer the service which will launch in the next few weeks according to Twitter COO Dick Costolo.

I think I’ll still use Flickr and Instagram so I can keep my photos in a nice, hi-res, organised place (Flickr) and take random atmospheric polaroid-style shots which feed into one of my favourite niche social networks (Instagram). What about you?


HOW TO: Customise New Facebook Profiles (With Free PSD)

Facebook profile customised with profile pic and gallery

There have been some amazingly creative uses of Facebook’s new profile layout recently:

Lexy Page Facebook ProfileAia Facebook ProfileThibaut Facebook Profile

You can see more cool examples here and here. There are two ways to do this, depending on whether you have Photoshop or not…


STEP 1: Download this Photoshop PSD file:

Download the PSD here

STEP 2: Drag a picture of yourself into the canvas and put that layer behind my layer (which is essentially a Facebook screenshot with holes in) which should look like the image above.

STEP 3: Move and resize your image until you’re happy with how it looks.

STEP 4: ‘Save for Web’. Select the ‘JPEG High’ preset. In the following screen where you choose a filename select ‘All User Slices’ in the ‘Slices’ drop-down. Click Save.

STEP 5: You’ll see the 6 images you have saved are named:

  • Gallery-Pic-1-(tag-last)
  • Gallery-Pic-2
  • Gallery-Pic-3
  • Gallery-Pic-4
  • Gallery-Pic-5-(tag-first) 
  • Main-Profile-Pic

Upload these to Facebook in a new album

STEP 6: Make ‘Main-Profile-Pic’ your profile pic and then tag yourself in the gallery images to make them appear. IMPORTANT: you must tag yourself in the gallery images in the correct order, starting with the one on the very right, working your way to the one on the left.

STEP 7: Remove any unwanted news feed items from your profile generated whilst creating this. And you’re done!


For a quick, easy way to do this you can use new service where you can login using your Facebook credentials and quickly create a snazzy looking profile.

Have fun, and share the fruits of your labour (your Facebook URL) in the comments 🙂


Best NASA Photos of 2010

Caroline Hirsch of the New Yorker has kindly compiled her favourite Hubble telescope images released by NASA this year and there are some stunners, like the one above.

Check more out at The New Yorker.