Marketing Creative & Strategist


I’m a digital and social media specialist who’s been creating swipe-stopping content and innovative digital campaigns ever since my days as Editor of MySpace in the noughties. Since then I’ve worked at big advertising agencies and even started my own, winning clients from Samsung to Penguin, Net A Porter to Warner Music with new ideas, smart executions and effective campaigns.


My decades of experience in digital, and deep understanding of the latest consumer technologies allow me to unlock opportunities for clients through well-informed creative thinking and strategy. Whether the objective is to drive innovation, or use existing platforms to grow core business metrics I’ll deliver pragmatic and results-focussed work that moves the needle.


How I Work


My clients engage me in two ways:

  • one-off project – to work on a specific issue, campaign or period of activity with a defined start and end date. This might range from a few days to several weeks. Fees will be calculated on my day rate and billed throughout the period dependent on length of engagement.
  • monthly retainer – for increased long-term value clients engage me for an agreed monthly commitment, allowing me to allocate time to specific goals each month and review them regularly.



To chat about how I could help, drop me a line on +44 (0)20 7427 6094 or email me at [email protected]



Brands I’ve Worked With


What you can expect working with me:


  • fresh ideas, with results-driven strategy
  • actionable plans and recommendations, without the waffle
  • a direct, hands-on approach to effecting change
  • clarity on what I’m working on at every step, and why
  • deep knowledge of current and future technology
  • unique digital industry experience and expertise