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What Self-Driving Cars Will Learn from Online Poker

When millions of autonomous, algorithmic bots on wheels hit the roads how will they judge each other, and predict our next move?

Instructions for Your Remote Podcast Guests

Recording your next podcast guest remotely? Worried about the audio quality of the recording? Here's what I send my guests, to make sure I get the best possible audio for my podcast edit. Can You Compromise on Audio Quality? When your podcast is competing with the...

iPhone 4: One Week Later [REVIEW]

After queuing last week at UK mobile phone carrier O2’s store on London’s Oxford Street for over 2 hours, I actually came away feeling a bit silly. As I weaved between the tourists, pigeons and ‘Golf Sale’ guys clutching my prize I thought to...

Wi-Fi Calling on EE – My Latest Tech Video

My latest video for EE looks at wifi calling, a pretty cool feature allowing you to make calls on your phone wherever you have a wifi signal. Handy for places with bad signal or on the subway etc.

42 Branded Podcasts to Inspire Your Content Marketing

Brands have been creating podcasts for years now, though the latest boom in interest for the audio format is seeing a new wave of companies producing their own podcasts. It can be one of the most effective forms of content marketing. Your voice in people's...