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Is Social Media Listening Still Relevant in the Age of TikTok, WhatsApp and Snapchat?

Very Large Array, Socorro, United States
As social media users recede into private spaces, personal messaging apps and 'dark social' is social listening a worthwhile exercise for brands?

How To Create a ‘Welcome’ Landing Tab for New Facebook Pages

On 10th March 2011 Facebook will upgrade all pages for brands, companies and organisations to a new version of Pages, bringing the design in line with personal profiles which were upgraded in December 2010. For details about the changes read my last blog post...

The Content Calendar is Killing Your Social Marketing

Listen to this article:It is often said that to succeed in content marketing you must be useful or entertaining. Because by doing this, you’re adding value to people’s lives. Sadly, most content marketing is neither of these and therefore has no value to the people...

Independent voices of 2011: Most influential non-celebrities on Twitter

The Independent listed their ‘voices of 2011’ today, highlighting the non-celebrities on Twitter who are 'setting the news agenda’. Pretty stoked to learn that I’m included in the Technology list. Being listed alongside the other eight in that list is an honour indeed :)Read:...

Are Productivity Tools Helping Us To Procrastinate?

Do to-do apps, project management tools and the like really help productivity, or are they giving us yet another reason to indulge in useless busy-ness?

Video: My 3 Tips For Brands To Be Heard Online

My top tips to get your brand heard online, in digital and social media, through smart marketing.

HOW TO: Customise New Facebook Profiles (With Free PSD)

There have been some amazingly creative uses of Facebook’s new profile layout recently:You can see more cool examples here and here. There are two ways to do this, depending on whether you have Photoshop or not… WITH PHOTOSHOP STEP 1: Download this Photoshop PSD file:STEP 2:...

7 Free Social Media Training Courses on the Web

Social media is more than just funny memes and cat videos. Today it's where consumers learn about, engage with and buy new products. Where they get to know brands, and develop loyalties that can last a lifetime.But so many businesses still lack the right...

My Week Offline

I’m back online after a whole week off work and without any tweets, blog posts, photo uploads or much action between me and the internet at all. If you’re curious to know what it’s like to live without Facebook, Twitter, iPlayer, Digg or whatever it...

Facebook Pages Upgrade – What You Need To Know

The old, and new Facebook pages at a glance On 10th March all Facebook Pages - i.e. pages which are not for personal accounts but for brands, businesses and organizations - will be upgraded to a new style consistent with personal profiles, with a picture gallery...