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    My Snapchat Masterclass at The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit

    This session at The Guardian's tech-focussed conference took a deep dive into Snapchat's world. See and download the presentation.

    Are Productivity Tools Helping Us To Procrastinate?

    Do to-do apps, project management tools and the like really help productivity, or are they giving us yet another reason to indulge in useless busy-ness?

    Video: My 3 Tips For Brands To Be Heard Online

    My top tips to get your brand heard online, in digital and social media, through smart marketing.

    Want To Get Ahead? Say “No” More Often

    To achieve great things, we need to create great opportunities. But we also need to know when to turn them down. The decision to say “no” to someone is hard to make, and saying it is harder still. So how we do we arrive...

    I Took a Month Off Social Media: 7 Things I Found Out

    Today I’ve started using social media again after a month-long hiatus. It wasn’t a January detox thing, more just that I got busy writing a book, realised I’d been absent from Twitter, Instagram et al for a while and decided to round it up...

    Your Weekly Social Media Diet

    So many social media sites, so little time. This is my plan for keeping on top of it all, and getting more out of your social media life. Weekdays Breakfast - catch up and schedule Get the latest on what’s happening and find shareable content with Digg Reader...

    How To Have Great Ideas: The 4 ‘Rooms’ of Inspiration

    Thanks to my business partner Chris, who basically insisted I read it, I’ve just finished ‘A Book About Innocent’, a frank and very readable account of how three guys started (and very nearly finished) Innocent Drinks, going from a van selling 24 smoothies at...

    Independent voices of 2011: Most influential non-celebrities on Twitter

    The Independent listed their ‘voices of 2011’ today, highlighting the non-celebrities on Twitter who are 'setting the news agenda’. Pretty stoked to learn that I’m included in the Technology list. Being listed alongside the other eight in that list is an honour indeed :) Read:...

    Change: A World In Flux – My #CogsTalks @ The Hospital

    Here’s the presentation I gave this week at The Hospital in London, showing my take on how the digital world is changing and why this constant change shouldn’t scare us but rather is an endless source of opportunity. Here’s the presentation I gave and below...

    How To Create a ‘Welcome’ Landing Tab for New Facebook Pages

    On 10th March 2011 Facebook will upgrade all pages for brands, companies and organisations to a new version of Pages, bringing the design in line with personal profiles which were upgraded in December 2010. ‘Static FBML’ tabs, with which you could quickly add extra tabs...