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Resources for today’s digital marketer. With tips and opinion on digital and social media marketing – from SEO and PPC to creative content marketing.

5 Power Tips for Copywriting in Social Media

Woman sitting writing a social media post
Social media marketing is special. It’s unique because it is one of the few ways that marketers can accurately target populations based on their likelihood of wanting to buy specific products and services. Data published by Statista suggests that almost half of the world’s population...

The Importance of Staying Social on Social Media

So you’ve landed yourself the role of a social media manager or social media marketer, perhaps without any concrete social media training or preparation?  It’s a common occurrence! So how do we promote our business on these platforms primarily used for connecting with friends? For...

Is Social Media Listening Still Relevant in the Age of TikTok, WhatsApp and Snapchat?

Very Large Array, Socorro, United States
As social media users recede into private spaces, personal messaging apps and 'dark social' is social listening a worthwhile exercise for brands?

The Content Calendar is Killing Your Social Marketing

Listen to this article: It is often said that to succeed in content marketing you must be useful or entertaining. Because by doing this, you’re adding value to people’s lives. Sadly, most content marketing is neither of these and therefore has no value to the people...

My Snapchat Masterclass at The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit

This session at The Guardian's tech-focussed conference took a deep dive into Snapchat's world. See and download the presentation.

Video: My 3 Tips For Brands To Be Heard Online

My top tips to get your brand heard online, in digital and social media, through smart marketing.