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Featured Photography on Unsplash This Month | October

Photos I uploaded to Unsplash this month.

Featured Photography on Unsplash This Month | September

Photos I uploaded to Unsplash this month.

Why Modern Art Is Actually Quite Important

I was pretty amazed by these photos taken from atop the Shard - which at the current state of completion is the tallest skyscraper in Europe. The stunning snaps are thanks to a plucky group of ‘urban explorers’ who (mostly) made it past security to...

Why The Moon Landings Would Have Been Harder To Fake Than Do For Real

Great little video on how it would have been more of a technical challenge to fake the moon landings that actually just go to the moon for real!

Stunning Timelapse Film Shows How Beautiful American Landscapes Are

Watch this in full screen and enjoy! If you’ve never visited the American south-west, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to go after watching this amazing film, shot in the extremely high-definition video standard ‘4K’.

WikiRebels – The Wikileaks Documentary

Unless you’ve lived in a cave recently (or in a country that restricts access to information!) you’ll have seen popular ‘information liberators’ Wikileaks thrust into the public eye over 'cablegate’. This fascinating Swedish documentary (it’s in English) throws some light on the site and its...

The Odds That You Exist Are Zero [Infographic]

Ali Binazir calculated the probability that you came about. And finds it is mind-meltingly slim!

Just watched all 6 Star Wars. Formed some unpopular opinions.

With yet another re-release of the Star Wars films, this time on Blu-ray, it felt like a good time to watch all six films from 1 (1999) to 6 (1983), ie in the order Lucas would have us watch them. I recommend it if...

Freakonomics: The Movie

I only read this book recently (my first iPad book!) and I’m now on the recently released sequel ‘Superfreakonomics’. The widely worshipped tomes are a very interesting look at how human desire ultimately shapes how we as a society behave. Look forward to the film...

Featured Photography on Unsplash This Month | October

Photos I uploaded to Unsplash this month.