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Incredible Colour Footage of London Streets & Landmarks in 1927

This amazing film shows London in 1927 - 12 years before World War II tore through Europe and changed London’s people and landscape forever. We see people enjoying Hyde Park, dodging buses in the road, going shopping and generally doing the stuff we still...

Am I Right Or Left Wing?

The 7th May general election is growing near, but people in the UK are struggling to get behind any of the leaders due to the depressing fact that normal people seemingly don’t get into politics.So it’s likely to come down to which party’s wavelength...

5 Life Lessons We Can All Salvage From Trump’s Presidential Election

What career lessons can we take from Donald Trump's surprise election as president of the United States of America?

The Best Music of 2012

2012 - the year of the Olympics, the apocalypse, the year that saw a song in Korean become the most watched video on YouTube and a British X Factor runner-up become the biggest band since the Beatles. Here are my personal highlights of 2012...

Alan Partridge Returns. On YouTube.

Everyone’s favourite caractère tragique Alan Partridge (created and played by Steve Coogan) has returned after 8 years of absence from our screens, only this time round he’s fronting ‘Norfolk Digital Radio’ and we can see his hapless exploits in a Fosters-sponsored YouTube series 'Alan...

Abbey Road with Alan Parsons

This weekend I went along to Abbey Road in London, the world’s most famous recording studio, to attend an extraordinary talk by Alan Parsons.

The Odds That You Exist Are Zero [Infographic]

Ali Binazir calculated the probability that you came about. And finds it is mind-meltingly slim!

6 Things ‘Her’ Tells Us About Our Future

Spike Jonze’s movie about a newly single man (Joaquin Phoenix) who falls for his computer operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) has not only made a lot of critics’ ‘film of the year’ lists but also struck anyone interested in technology with it’s unusually...