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VIDEO: Prices of Vices Around the World – the $20 Test

Wonder no more traveller, here is a minute-long guide to where the cheapest Starbucks, most expensive cocaine and most-cigs-for-your-buck is to be found!

Google and Time Magazine Launch 30-Year Time Lapse Of Entire Planet

In partnership with Google, Time Magazine has launched Timelapse - an interactive online timelapse showing how the Earth has changed in 30 years of property development, deforestation, glacier melt and the like. “Working with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), NASA, and TIME, we’re releasing more...

Master Yoda Reads SatNav Instructions

I can’t believe I only just saw this year-old viral ad for Tom Tom SatNav. It’s a brilliant and rare example of someone using a LucasFilm licence in a way that doesn’t make me want to rewrite my childhood. Indeed, it’s a great example...

AV Referendum Results Map

From light green for ‘no’ through orange for 'no, but only just’ to purple for 'yes’ That’ll be a no then… Fullscreen version here Loading…

The Best Music of 2012

2012 - the year of the Olympics, the apocalypse, the year that saw a song in Korean become the most watched video on YouTube and a British X Factor runner-up become the biggest band since the Beatles. Here are my personal highlights of 2012...

New Com Truise Track: Colourvision

Colorvision (WIP) by Com Truise As I mentioned in my rundown of the best music of 2010, Com Truise has good times up ahead of him, whoever she/he is. Yes, there’s an awful lot of crap styled around the 1980s but Com Truise have nailed...

UPDATED: Maps Of The Week’s Mystery Mass Animal Deaths

Click for larger image Following the mystery large-scale animal deaths that are sweeping the globe, Canada’s National Post has compiled this handy map for us. UPDATE: Google have created a real-time map… Mass Animal Deaths map courtesy of Google Yesterday io9.com offered some rational explanations for the dead...

Abbey Road with Alan Parsons

This weekend I went along to Abbey Road in London, the world’s most famous recording studio, to attend an extraordinary talk by Alan Parsons.