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    Boaty McBoatface, The War In Iraq and Modern Democracy

    Boaty McBoatface
    Does democracy only really work when it aligns with the establishment's wishes?

    Abbey Road with Alan Parsons

    This weekend I went along to Abbey Road in London, the world’s most famous recording studio, to attend an extraordinary talk by Alan Parsons.

    10 Reasons Why Rocket League is The Best

    Rocket League
    The game that sounds like the most awful genre mash-up ever - racing and soccer - has been a surprise hit amongst gamers. I, like many, first took a look at the PS4 version when it was one of the free games in July...

    Am I Right Or Left Wing?

    When it comes to elections, it’s likely to come down to which party’s wavelength you’re generally on, and whether you’re right-wing or left-wing. Here’s a great visualisation from Information Is Beautiful which may help clarify which direction you swing in. So are you right wing or...

    6 Things ‘Her’ Tells Us About Our Future

    This article is from January 2014 Spike Jonze’s movie about a newly single man (Joaquin Phoenix) who falls for his computer operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) has not only made a lot of critics’ 'film of the year' lists but also struck anyone interested...

    100 Amazing Diagrams That Changed The World

    Diagrams, and particularly ‘infographics’ feel like an inherently modern phenomenon. Something that only people whose time is no longer consumed with avoiding plagues, scurvy and constant warring have the luxury of creating. But as 100 Diagrams That Changed the World: From the Earliest Cave...

    Incredible Colour Footage of London Streets & Landmarks in 1927

    This amazing film shows London in 1927 - 12 years before World War II tore through Europe and changed London’s people and landscape forever. We see people enjoying Hyde Park, dodging buses in the road, going shopping and generally doing the stuff we still...

    VIDEO: Prices of Vices Around the World – the $20 Test

    Wonder no more traveller, here is a minute-long guide to where the cheapest Starbucks, most expensive cocaine and most-cigs-for-your-buck is to be found!

    Google and Time Magazine Launch 30-Year Time Lapse Of Entire Planet

    In partnership with Google, Time Magazine has launched Timelapse - an interactive online timelapse showing how the Earth has changed in 30 years of property development, deforestation, glacier melt and the like. “Working with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), NASA, and TIME, we’re releasing more...

    The Pirate Bay Movie Now Available. Free.

    Today, the movie TPB AFK (The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard) will be premiered online, free to download and even re-edit under a Creative Commons Licence. Filmmaker Simon Klose has spent the last four years following the founders of The Pirate Bay through...