Am I Right Or Left Wing?


The 7th May general election is growing near, but people in the UK are struggling to get behind any of the leaders due to the depressing fact that normal people seemingly don’t get into politics.

So it’s likely to come down to which party’s wavelength you’re generally on, and whether you’re right-wing or left-wing. Here’s a great visualisation from Information Is Beautiful which may help clarify which direction you swing in.


So are you right wing or left wing?

In the UK the former means you should vote Conservative, or to go further to the right, UKIP. The latter leaning would see you voting for Labour, or to go a little further to the left, the Green Party. The Lib Dems are mostly left-wing with some right-wing policies too.

My personal leaning is to the left, simply because I believe that a society’s ultimate purpose is to make its people as happy as possible. For me the left-right argument is much like the dilemma many of us face personally. Do I want to be successful and rich? Or do I want to be happy, even if that means not being the best at everything and having lots of money. Do I really care if Britain has the best economy or defence on the planet? Or do I want to see a doctor when I need and know that people less fortunate than me are being taken care of?

Either way, get out and vote on 7th May. Despite what people like Russell Brand say, unless we all get more engaged with politics the current leaders are the best we’ll ever have, and deserve.

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